QUANTUMETA is a high performance composite solution provider. The company's goal is to meet customers' ever-increasing demands on lighter-and-stronger composites with advanced materials and application technologies.

QUANTUMETA has product portfolio that covers modified UHMWPE fiber, high performance fabrics, prepregs, composite high performance membrane and salvage buoyancy airbag. With its unique value proposition of "light-and-strong composites", QUANTUMETA serves a wide range of markets and applications such as maritime engineering, high-speed transportation, lightweight air vehicle, building construction, and high-end sport equipment, etc.

QUANTUMETA’s product applications compose of two major categories, i.e. rigid composite and flexible composite. Its high performance fabrics used as reinforcement can effectively reduce weight of composites, improving strength and impact resistance. Its high performance membrane, QuanCles™, is the world’s strongest membrane with extremely high strength to weight ratio and excellent properties, bringing flexible composite fields many more possibilities.

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