QuanCles™ Salvage Buoyancy Airbag

Product Description

QuanCles™ Salvage Buoyancy Airbag is an inflatable airbag structure made of welding light and strong QuanCles™ membrane, which can be used in marine salvage to provide additional buoyancy for the hoisting.

Product Structure


Super Light

Quancles™ Salvage Buoyancy Airbag is made by welding UHMWPE fiber reinforced TPU membrane and coating with polyurea. The material density is only about 1 g/cm³, which is close to that of water. Therefore, to provide same buoyancy, it weighs only 1/10 of rubber buoyancy airbag, and 1/30 of steel pontoon, which makes it far easier to operate and transport.

Quancles™ Salvage Buoyancy Airbag is easily handled in water when divers install it especially into ship cabin because it is light and foldable. It is also easily loaded by truck or air container for a quick response to emergency salvage action.



Quancles™ Salvage Buoyancy Airbag can provide up to 300 tonnes buoyancy with 5 meters diameter structure due to its high inner pressure capacity benefited from the ultra-high tensile strength, tear strength and burst strength of QuanCles™ membrane.


Wear-resistant, Corrosion-resistant, Aging-resistant

Reinforced by UHMWPE fiber, protected by polyurea, Quancles™ Salvage Buoyancy Airbag is strong with excellent wear resistance, corrosion resistance and aging resistance, which makes it durable and reusable.


Workable in Extreme Environment

Quancles™ Buoyancy Airbag keeps its performance and remains flexible in extreme climate conditions especially in low temperature place, for instance, polar region.

Based on those performance advantages, Quancles™ Salvage Buoyancy Airbag are widely used in deep water salvage, counterweight water bag, jacking airbags, inflatable dams, pipe blanking plug and etc.


UnitDataTest Standard
MaterialQuanCles™ UHMWPE/TPU Membrane
Densityg/cm³1GB 1033-1986
Diameterm0.5/1/2/3/4/5ISO 2286-2
Lengthm>1ISO 2286-2
Tensile StrengthN/5cm9500/9000ISO 1421
Tear StrengthN1200/1200ISO 4674-1
Bursting StrengthMPa>20GB/T 14800-2010
Flame Resistance/B1GB 8624-2012
Temperature Range-30~70GB/T 18426-2001

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